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At 15, Susan Berg was the sole survivor of a boating accident that claimed the lives of her Mum, Dad and 16-year old brother, Bill. Suffering from survivor guilt, she delved into a miserable life of self-loathing, anxiety and despair. 

It took Susan decades to learn the tools to heal her heart and find peace and happiness within herself. In 2015 her autobiography "The Girl Who Lived", was published. Then in 2017, as part of her ongoing recovery journey (and after 14-months of intense training), she faced her 30-year crippling fear of water and swam the 1.2km Lorne Pier to Pub. She is now an ultra-marathon swimmer training for a solo crossing of the English Channel!

Susan is passionate about helping others overcome personal obstacles and has developed "Dare the Impossible", weekend getaways, retreats and workshops, providing people with the tools to resilience, and inspiring them to heal their lives and fulfil their dreams.  

Susan says, "We all deserve to live a joyous life regardless of what challenges we've faced. Finding inner peace and daring to step outside of our comfort zone is key to living fully."

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Rejuventation Retreats

These intimate Retreats offer a nurturing environment for women to come together and unwind.


Dare the Impossible!

Step outside of your comfort zone and learn the step by step process to achieve your goals

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Susan is an inspirational speaker who has given members of her audience the knowledge that no matter what happens in their life, there is always hope. 

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Meditation helps clear our minds of cluttering thoughts, enhances self-awareness, and encourages us to be in the present moment. Benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, higher concentration levels, deeper sleep, and a greater level of self-love and acceptance. 

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The Girl Who Lived is the true story of a teenage girl's fight to find happiness.


At fifteen, Susan Berg was on a boat trip with her parents and brother when their vessel began to sink. Desperate to find help, she swam ahead, struggling through darkness and rough sea. After nearly four hours, Susan, exhausted and barely able to walk, finally made it ashore. Her family did not.


Wracked by survivor guilt, Susan began to rebel against the world, charging down a path of self-destruction. Though barely able to look after herself, she became a mother at twenty and had to navigate for two. It was not until many years later, when Susan cheated death for a second time, that she learned to love herself, and life again. 

Written in a brutally honest manner, The Girl Who Lived is a candid, dramatic and powerful memoir for anyone who has ever lost their way.


Published by Affirm Press, The Girl Who Lived is available at Australian bookstores.  For a personally signed copy and FREE delivery, please click on the "Buy Now" link below (Australia only). e-Book purchases can be made via Amazon, iBook, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. 

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This book should be compulsory reading in every university course on resilience. Susan's story highlights the immediate and lasting impacts of trauma, the vulnerabilities and strengths in so many relationships afterwards, and the true nature of resilience. It is her ability, in her own words, to 'give thanks for the beauty of life' that is around her, and that enables her to look to her future that is the contagious and optimistic message of this book. It is a devastatingly good read about surviving life's tragedies.


Professor Louise Harms

Deputy Head of Social Work and Director of Teaching & Learning, Melbourne School of Social Sciences, 

University of Melbourne, Australia




Riveting. Drags you along for the ride. A true story of survival and resilience with so many twists and turns that had me gasping, laughing, crying and not wanting to put it down. With intense honesty and vulnerability, Susan Berg reveals the strength of character which not only saved her life but gave her life back."


Claire Bridge




On Saturday I stumbled upon a book written by a very brave and resilient woman, The Girl Who Lived by Susan Berg. I felt privileged to be reading her brutally honest story. I read it overnight, I just could not put it down. Not often are we invited into someone else's really dark times but when Susan writes even the most difficult parts of her story it is as if she is trusting you the reader as if you are her closest friend. Honest and from the heart Susan's story will grab you like she has grabbed your hand and pulled you into her world. But she wants to let you know how she has more than survived, she has lived. With all that she has lived through she has empathy, insight and strength. And there is a wonderful kindness that comes through the wisdom she shares. Bravo Susan Berg.


Michele Pavey-Laumen




Wow! What an inspirational story. This book kept me hooked from the first page to the last. An amazing story of courage, hope and commitment. Loved it!!


Olivia Takacs