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Are you searching for a female motivational speaker who will WOW your audience? Look no further!


Susan is an inspirational speaker who has given members of her audience the knowledge that no matter what challenges they face in their life, there is always hope.

Susan has shared her story across many platforms. If you have seen her on television, heard her on the radio, read about her in a magazine, or attended one of her many motivational speaking events, you will know she inspires her audience to have the courage to push forward and turn things around when things are down.

Susan speaks on the following topics:

  • "From Tragedy to Triumph: Overcoming Adversity and Finding Purpose"

  • "The Power of Courage: Overcoming Fear and Reaching Your Full Potential"

  • "From Stuck to Unstoppable: Creating a New Life with Purpose and Passion"

  • "Breaking the Silence: Overcoming Domestic Abuse and Building Resilience" 


How to Overcome Adversity and Reclaim Your Life

Susan was the sole survivor of a boating accident at the young age of 15 that claimed the lives of her parents and brother. This was just the first incident in a string of difficult experiences that Susan has overcome. From death to single motherhood and domestic violence, brushes with cancer, and sexual assault – Susan has endured so much heartbreak and challenges in her lifetime.  What would have emotionally crippled many of us, has only made Susan stronger.  Her ability to pick herself back up and tackle things head-on is incredible. 

Susan’s life story will both shock and inspire you as she shares how she turned her life around, leaving behind her self-destructive ways and overcoming her fear of water to swim the English Channel. If you are looking for a feel-good story, this speech will motivate you to release your past and reach for your dreams.

Susan teaches the audience many lessons during her time on stage, including 

  • How to change your mindset from victim to survivor

  • How to use past pain to propel forward

  • How adversity helps you to grow and become a stronger and more resilient person

  • How to persevere through tough challenges and achieve your goals

  • How stepping outside of your comfort zone builds strength 


The Fight against Domestic Violence

Susan is an active campaigner in the fight against domestic violence, actively educating and raising awareness for significant social change. She has been a keynote speaker and fundraiser for McAuley Community Services for Women, speaking to audiences about her personal experiences of abuse. She discusses the short and long-term impact abuse has on women, and how we can work together as a community to execute social change.

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to watch an extract of a speech Susan gave to a gathering of more than 1,000 people. 

If you would like to discuss Susan speaking at your next event, please make an inquiry via the link below. 

Note: Susan travels worldwide from Montenegro.   



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University of Melbourne

Dr Richard J (Dick) Williams

Visiting Scholar at Queens College, The University of Melbourne

Retired CSIRO Scientist


Susan was invited to speak with the students and staff at The University of Melbourne, October 2018. She proved to be a master storyteller and powerful motivator of young people.


Susan shared her story in a manner that was humble, honest, engaging, authentic, forthright and funny. She talked for half an hour and had the audience spell-bound. She then took questions and led discussion for another 45 minutes.


She was hugged by many students afterwards; some were in tears. Several students also sought her advice about all sorts of issues from how to confront fear, to exciting new challenges. The general tone from the students was that Susan had inspired them to go out and face their fears and follow their dreams.


Susan, without doubt, delivered to our students and staff the most engaging talk of the year.


Judi McKee

Rotarian – Convener


International Women's Day Breakfast Mornington Racecourse - Speaker - 400+ Attendees


Susan gave a superb presentation and shared her remarkable story with our guests at our 2017 International Women’s Day breakfast celebration. So many of our guests were emotionally touched by her honesty and courage in the way she spoke about her life journey over the years. We could not have chosen a better person to tell their story. Susan spoke so openly about the challenges in her young life and brought to our attention her acts of courage and determination to find ways to overcome her fears. Susan has made and will continue to make a difference to the way we as Australians live our lives. I know she will go on to greater challenges and achieve so much more in the years to come."


Penny Underwood


Penny Underwood.jpg

McAuley Community Services for Women Annual Cocktail Party - Keynote Speaker - 400+ Attendees

Susan Berg was the keynote speaker at the 24/7 cocktail party for McAuley Community Services for Women in 2015. The party raised $155,000 to keep McAuley Care, Victoria’s only 24/7 accessible safe house open around the clock. The speaker plays a crucial role in helping guests understand the ripple effect of family violence on women. While Susan’s story about her family’s tragic deaths was well known at the time, her brushes with family violence were not. Her story was chilling, the simple way in which she delivered harsh facts held the audience’s attention, her ability to answer questions cut most people to the quick. Susan is an engaging speaker who talks from the heart.

Susan's Speaking Engagements Include...


Susan's Media Appearances Include...

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