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Despite a traumatic start to life, Susan has emerged as a profoundly optimistic and resilient person who embraces every aspect of life with joy. Her journey, however, was not an easy one.

At the age of 15, Susan survived a devastating boating accident that took the lives of her mother, father, and 16-year-old brother. In the following 12-months, she attended three more family funerals, endured sexual assault by a trusted friend, and was introduced to recreational drugs. Struggling to cope with the trauma and without the necessary tools to navigate life's challenges, Susan spiralled into self-destruction.

As she entered adulthood, Susan faced even more difficulties, including domestic violence, single motherhood, cervical cancer, and a second brush with death. But with an almost instinctual survival mentality, she gradually learned how to pick herself back up, heal her heart, and rediscover happiness.

Susan experienced pivotal moments in her life that facilitated her recovery. Primarily, the arrival of her son William provided her with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Additionally, Susan discovered a sense of liberation through motorbike riding, allowing her the opportunity to contemplate her past and embark on a path towards healing.

In her 40s, Susan channeled her curiosity about people and their thoughts into a career as a licensed investigator, where she researched trauma and delved deeply into human behavior. She also wrote her life story in her autobiography, "The Girl Who Lived," published in 2015.

That same year, Susan accepted a challenge from a friend to conquer her 30-year fear of water and swim the Lorne Pier to Pub in Victoria, Australia. Overcoming her greatest fear and completing the challenge took 14 months of hard work, but it proved to be a turning point in her life. Since then, she has swum The Rip Swim, the English Channel in a 4-person relay, and the 20km Rottnest Channel.

In February 2022, Susan embraced a new challenge and moved to Montenegro in Europe, where she established Ocean Blue Swimming Tours, offering swimming holidays in the stunning waters of Boka Bay and the Mediterranean Sea. The driving force behind the swimming tours is to foster a sense of unity, and cultivate life-long friendships by bringing people with a passion for the open water together.

Through her experiences, Susan has gained valuable lessons and has become a stronger and more resilient person. Her mission now is to inspire and empower others to embark on their own life journey and embrace the beauty of life. She is a highly sought-after female motivational speaker who also offers on-line workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions to help people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

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