Susan is a profoundly optimistic and resilient person, eager to step outside of her comfort zone and find joy in each aspect of her life. But it wasn't always this way!

Susan had a traumatic start to life. At the age of 15, she was the sole survivor of a boating accident that claimed the lives of her mother, father, and brother, Bill. Within the next 12 months (before reaching her 16th birthday), she'd attended three further relatives' funerals, was raped by a trusted family friend and introduced to recreational drugs.

Feeling broken and alone, and without the knowledge and tools to overcome life's challenges, she charged down a path of self-destruction. 

In the years that followed, Susan experienced further challenges including domestic violence, single motherhood, cervical cancer, financial ruin, and a second escape from death. She endured so much trauma and heartbreak. 
As Susan grew into adulthood, she developed an almost survival instinct, independently learning the tools to pick herself back up, heal her heart, and find happiness again.  
As she entered her 40s, Susan pursued her curiosity for people and the way they think into a career as a licensed investigator to research trauma, interview experts, and delve deeply into the human mind and behaviour. She also poured her experiences onto paper as she wrote her life story, "The Girl Who Lived".
In 2015, Susan's friend/mentor challenged her to face her greatest fear - water - and swim the Lorne Pier to Pub (Victoria, Australia). It took her 14 months to overcome her fear and complete the challenge.  Since then, she has swum The Rip Swim (Victoria, Australia), the English Channel in a 4-person relay, and the 20km Rottnest Channel (Perth to Rottnest Island WA, Australia). She is now training for a solo crossing of the English Channel in September 2022. ​
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Susan has learned many valuable lessons from her experiences and as a result, has become a stronger and more resilient person. She has continually challenged herself, raced her motorcycle along the Grand Prix track at Phillip Island, jumped out of aeroplanes, and swam with sharks.

Bursting with a passion for life, she is now sharing the tools for resilience and inner peace with others, so that they too may live a joyous life.