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dare the impossible!
online course or one-on-one workshops

A dream without action remains only a dream. To turn your dream into a reality you need to establish a clear plan and then commit and take action. Are you ready to dare the impossible?

Let me show you how...

Setting and achieving goals adds positivity to our lives; it gives us something to work towards, demonstrates progress,  and impacts on our happiness and state of well-being.


Whether it’s to run a marathon, write a book, lose weight, or climb Mount Everest, I will work with you, and give you the tools and strategies to achieve your dreams.


I will share how I achieved my own goals such as writing a book and overcoming my fear of water to become an ultra-marathon swimmer. 


I will provide clear strategies to help you overcome challenges and fears. I will motivate you to step outside your comfort zone and in doing so, build your self-confidence and self-belief. Together we will discuss your goals, implement action and celebrate your success!


During this workshop, I will teach you the step by step process to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve your goals. 


* Understand the importance of goal setting and stepping outside of your comfort zone

* Learn the difference between aspirations and goals

* Establish personal and/or professional goals

* Establish a POSSIBLE Plan to ensure success 

* Initiate the goal setting process.




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